A Blog about Shadows, the unconscious patterns of belief and behavior that block access to my authentic, sacred masculine self

The very best use of life

...is to transform to the awakened state. Next best is to develop qualities. Next best and skillful use of life is gaining deep connection to capable mentor who promises to hold you and care for you even after your passing. The least useful is to say you are a Christian or a Buddhist and expect that to save you!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Shadow of “Being Stuck”

It’s been several weeks since I posted my last blog and I have been so stuck in being stuck that I finally realized perhaps I should write about this. I have been involved in other creative outlets such as putting in a new storm door and doing other winterization projects as well as rekindling my other passion, my art of collage and assemblage, and now I sit here writing with a light snowfall going on outside. While I am not a fan of getting out of bed to dress by the furnace on these cold mornings, there is a certain delight in sitting down to a hot cup of tea and putting out my current thoughts on the white computer screen.

So what does all of this have to do with the shadow of “being stuck?” What I have realized in describing the two sides of getting up on a cold morning is that in being stuck on the things I don’t relish , I have also kept myself from experiencing my aliveness and with it, the subtle joys of the way it is.

This is the essence of aliveness, this experience of being at choice with the way things are and the way things aren’t. With aliveness comes the natural state of being, which I believe is happiness, the happiness in just being alive.